Doctors from Las Tunas are already members of the Academy of Sciences

Las Tunas: Seven Doctors of Sciences from Las Tunas Province are now members of the Northern Branch of the Cuban Academy of Sciences (AACC).

This is a major milestone that, in the opinion of Dr. Roberto Pérez Rodríguez, President of that regional entity, “will strengthen the fabric of science, technology and innovation and demonstrate a complete mechanism for social development.”

This is the first time that scientists from Las Tunas have entered this important space. Although other local experts could add to the list, there is no doubt that the names of doctors Alberto Arnulfo Méndez Barcelo, Rafaela Macias Reyes, Raquel Maria Rose Reyes, Myrna Leon Acebo, Michael Santos Medina, Aramis Rivas Dieguez, and José Ignacio. Reyes Gonzalez They have, for a long time, given prestige to conducting research in these lands.

Las Tunas Shimeno Academy 2We learned that initially 22 proposals were submitted and that the work to strengthen the branch took a whole year, which includes experts from Moa to Las Tunas and does not intend to assume itself as an entity belonging to a specific province because its research influence is far beyond local realities.

Dr. C. Miguel Cruz Ramírez, Secretary of the AACC Chapter, explained to the press that the selection process includes elements related to scientific production, their status as researchers and their human values.

“We need people who are ready to take on important tasks and who bring expertise from different areas of science.”

The chapter has 42 active members, including those directly elected by the AACC (ex officio) and those who joined in this way. Together they constitute valuable equipment in the region.

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The founding activity, held in Revolution Square, was also attended by the city's Mayor General Vicente García, an appropriate venue for the announcement of the Life's Work Awards in the Social Sciences.

Then indispensable faces such as Alida Best, Sarvelio Guerra, José Ignacio Reyes, Ligia Magdalena Siles, Lucia Rafael Martinez, Raul Conrado Sanchez, Vilma Violeta Borrero, María de la Caridad Smith, Pablo Raul Mas, Francisco Abad Bermudez, received great acclaim and Eduardo Emilio Garces.

Men and women of science who have committed over decades, from the most complex scenarios, to contribute to the sustainable development, equality and full existence of those of us who inhabit this balcony, as diverse and fruitful as life.

Las Tunas Chimeno Academy 1
Las Tunas Chimeno Academy

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