People need to travel to work

The measure shows a radical change from Prime Minister Boris Johnson, whose government tightened immigration rules after the country’s exit from the European Union and They stressed the need to end dependence on foreign labor.

However, the shortage caused by the lack of drivers in the UK, which They hit the agri-food sector, but also the energy sectorThis caused the closure of many gas stations, prompting the executive branch to take action.

What is happening in the UK and why do they need drivers?

In recent days, huge lines have formed in front of the petrol pumps, as Britons, ignoring government calls for calm, are refueling.

“I just want to refuel to go to work. People fill cans of water, that’s ridiculousLaments Mike Davey, a 56-year-old driver, had been waiting for over half an hour at a gas station in Kent, southeast London.

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Facing the rising lines, Downing Street said on Friday the government was “considering temporary measures to avoid immediate problems”.

A Johnson spokesman meanwhile stressed that any action would be “very limited in time”. He stressed that the country had “ample stocks of fuel” and that “there is no shortage.”

The claim left drivers skeptical on Saturday morning. “Maybe they should bring in some Army drivers,” Davey suggests.

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In fact, there have been several calls for soldiers to be deployed to help distribute gasoline or deal with a backlog of requests for heavy vehicle driver’s licenses, which have increased during the pandemic.

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