Ed Sheeran wows fans with interesting new photos

for several weeks Ed Sheeran In an intriguing campaign on social networks to promote their new projects. His last appearance was on a UK show, then he was seen with مشاهد Courteney Cox a Elton John And now take to Instagram again to impress his fans interesting pictures صور.

singer hits like “Galway Girl” a “perfect” He added new photos to his Instagram feed, taken by photographer Zachary Walters: the first two photos are in black and white. While the next two shows Ed Sheeran In color with its familiar casual/sporty look, without revealing more.

“Nothing happens after 2,” was the text he used Ed Sheeran Along with the post, which in less than an hour added 245,000 likes and hundreds of comments from fans. The only clue that the star’s followers have so far is that on June 25 he will be giving a virtual show that can be seen through TikTok.

This is how he made it known Ed Sheeran Via his official Instagram account in the most authentic way: accompanied by his dear friend, star David Beckham. As stated in the video, the performance of Ed Sheeran It will be part of the TikTok UEFA EURO 2020 show. So everything indicates that until the day of his arrival, the singer will continue to spread the news on the networks.

After two years away from the music scene Ed Sheeran He’s back to stay, as can be seen on his digital platforms. Colorado was devoting himself to the life of the husband and the father of the family with his wife, Sherry Seaborn In the care of the little girl they greeted last year, but it’s time for them to come back.

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