PlayStation users are not planning to purchase RDR for PS4

I say advertising Red Dead Redemption to Playstation 4 Not well received would be an understatement at this point. It was announced earlier in the week after months of rumors and speculation about whether it would be remake full or one Re-master More than welcome, fans are tearing up to reveal one port. At $50, it’s not surprising to see people slam it rock starEspecially after the disaster Grand Theft Auto: Trilogy.

To get a better understanding of the situation, Push Square published a survey a few days ago, asking readers if they plan to buy Red Dead Redemption to Playstation 4. The results of this survey are already here, and they’re pretty stark.

More than 4,400 voted, with 50% of them simply saying “no chance” of buying. Another 14% said buying the port would be “unlikely”, while 21% said they might buy it when it goes on sale in the future.

Only 4% said it would be there on day one, while 5% said they would probably buy it at some point. The last 6% chose “maybe, but only if it gets major updates after launch”.

Now, it’s clear that Red Dead Redemption could potentially sell well based on brand strength alone.

But even so, it’s clear that the most demanding fans are sorely disappointed by what appears to be a simple port of a beloved game.

via: Push the box

Diary: I don’t even want to comment, there’s not much to say here, this is clearly a scam. You can’t charge fifty bucks for a game from over ten years ago that lacks more than improvements over the original, much less when it’s the intended version. X-Box 4K upscaling with excellent performance on existing consoles costs less than $35.

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