Creative Assembly opens new studio and becomes the largest developer in the UK

One of the most important developers in the entire European continent is Creative Association. The company has established a franchise All-out war, Which branched out into many titles of the strategies.

Now, the company announced the opening of a new studio in the UK, in Horsham West Sussex. The Creative Association has stated that this new center aims to: Help expand their capabilities.

Due to the conditions emerging from the Coronavirus, remote employees will continue to work. “In the future we will be converting our business model to Add elasticity as a baseBut we need the right environment to do that. “

“While we want to amplify the benefits of telecommuting, we also know that there is no hypothetical alternative to personal creative collaboration, so we will redesign our work pace, as well as our environment, to focus on creativity and innovation when we’re in the office.”

Additionally, Creative Assembly recorded 20% growth over the past year, building on that More than 800 full time employees And it became the leading developer in the UK.

Among the projects on hand are Total Warhammer III or The Return of Total War Rome: Remastered, both with release dates slated for 2021.

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