Economy: Spain is asking the Commission to confirm the final determination of fishing quotas with the United Kingdom for 2021

Madrid, 20 (Europe Press)

This Wednesday, the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, Luis Planas, asked the European Commission for certainty and speed in the final preparation of TACs (total permitted catches) with the UK for 2021.

The Minister of Agriculture chairs the advisory councils for agricultural policy and fisheries policy for community affairs, with the participation of advisors of autonomous communities, to analyze the issues that will be discussed in the Council of Ministers of Agriculture and Fisheries of the European Union, which will be held next week, by video.

Regarding the implications of Brexit on the fishing sector, Planas indicated that the European Union now has the task of reaching an agreement with the UK on the final preparation of TACs for 2021, or 2022 in the case of deep species. , For common stocks.

Given the large number of shares common to the UK, the proposal finally adopted by the Board last December was an advance for the interim stake until March 31, at 25%. Among these stocks are pelagic species such as mackerel, mackerel or bluegrass.

The Minister will ask the Commission to proceed as soon as possible in contacts with the United Kingdom, on the task of reaching an agreement on identifying a TAC for these shared fisheries and to find out what amount of catch corresponds to each party.

In this regard, the Minister stressed that Spain will work to promote more clarity and cooperation between the Commission and the Council, at the political and technical levels, in developing negotiations and in determining the position of the European Union in this process.

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It will also be referred to the Commission to assess all consistent conditions in each of the fisheries in order to establish a TAC, while respecting all the pillars of the Common Fisheries Policy.

Agricultural policy

On agricultural matters, the Minister indicated that the Portuguese Presidency would present its work program to the Council. Among its goals, which Spain shares, is to end negotiations on the three regulations for the future Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), through an institutional agreement between the Council, the Commission and the European Parliament.

In the case of Spain, the Minister reported that there will be a sectoral meeting on the Common Agricultural Policy with the Autonomous Communities in May. “It is important to have a unified text on the implementation strategy that concerns the Spanish territories,” he said.

As specified by the Minister, Spain will defend the preservation of the agreement reached in the Council of Luxembourg, which includes the goals set by our country, because it provides an appropriate balance between environmental ambition and the larger climate in the Common Agricultural Policy and economic and economic ambition. The social aspects of this policy, in addition to the incorporation of sufficient elements of flexibility to ensure its optimal application.

In addition, the committee will review the status of ongoing trade negotiations. In this sense, Spain defends the need for the proper functioning of global trade on the basis of the rules, without obstacles to free trade, but meets the demands of European consumers in matters such as health, environmental protection or animal welfare.

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