Telegram: so you can create memes in the app and send them to your friends in seconds

Ago The WhatsApp Announce that there will be changes in Privacy Policies, At the beginning of January, there was a migration of users worried about their data, and most of them migrated to others Messaging applications How cable a Signal.

These two apps were probably the most benefited after the announcement of WhatsApp, as in a few days the number of users increased by the millions. Active users That they both argue More secure Do not link your accounts to Sensitive data Of users.

Plus, Telegram – for example – has a Many jobs Owned by the application The social networking site Facebook Not implemented or not yet implemented, such as Self-destructing messages, File saving in a “personal cloud”, the possibility of having Multiple accounts in the same app Or even the fact that the account itself was opened in Different devices.

After that we will offer you a file the trick -Among many applications- to make your conversations more enjoyable; And users can Create your own memes Inside Telegram and send it to your contacts without needing other sites or going out to find, save and send them.

This option works in both Male in appearance How iOS, Those who pay attention:

1. Open the Telegram app

2. In the chat window, in the upper right, click Forget Or to the code to write a new message

3. A search engine will appear, type here Embed a Tweet

4. The Meming Bot tab will open, a video tutorial and then an option will appear Send a meme-Click Dale

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5. Choose the user or channel you want to send your meme to

6. The bot will open the conversation and at the bottom will display a circle with templates of the most popular memes

7. In the message bar, write what you want your meme to say, if you want the text to appear above and below, type what you want to see above and put a period, then leave a space and type what you want to appear below

8. Choose the picture you want in the library. Once you know the image you want, click on the image and it will be sent

9. Ready, you have already created and sent a meme without leaving Telegram or third-party apps

Play Utopa Geek and have fun with us!

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