Equity and prevention in cardiovascular strategy

Specialists Azcutia and Egocheaga at the SEMG Conference.

today’United in Cardiovascular Health‘, organized by Spanish Association of General Practitioners and Family Physicians (SEMG) in Toledo, today I focused on the new Cardiovascular Health Strategy For the National Health System (ESCAV), which was recently approved by the Ministry of Health and which is being presented for the first time at a conference of health professionals. Primary health care.

The person responsible for destroying his most prominent score was Rosario Azcutia GomezDirector of Continuity of Care in the Arab Republic of Egypt University Hospital October 12 Madrid, who highlighted that in Escav, as its name indicates, the focus is on health and not on disease, although Clinical Entities Cardiovascular More impact because “this strategy seeks to emphasize prevention and reinforcement”.

Among the priority lines of action is prevention risk factorsfrom an integrated vision, and Empowerment From citizenship to Upgrade functional and take care of your health. In other words, “Engage and train the patient and/or citizen so that they know their cardiovascular disease status and how to avoid it through a healthy lifestyle.”

All this “from the perspective the financial value access to preventive, diagnostic, curative and rehabilitation aspects, and a focus on gender equality,” Dr. Azotia relayed to those who attended the national meeting organized by SEMG. “Women know less, care less about themselves and have different access to cardiovascular disease diagnosis and treatment.” , as evidenced by some of the research referenced in the strategy itself.

A multidisciplinary approach to cardiovascular disease

The expert wanted to highlight the important collaborative work that was carried out in preparing the new SNS Cardiovascular Health Strategy. As one of Escav’s scientific coordinators, Azcotia explained that she has been involved with several professionals involved in the Upgrade functionalAnd the Prevent s Attention subordinate Cardiovascular diseaseFrom all categories and levels of care and societies in the country. In the same way, the methodology used included the patients themselves, who contributed to their treatment Response At all stages, at the same level are scientific societies and representatives of all autonomous communities.

under the premise of multidisciplinary approachMeeting ‘United in Cardiovascular HealthIt gathers on September 30 and October 1 in Toledo family physicians from all over the country interested in updating their knowledge of it Cardiovascular disease and the diabetic. During the conference, the latest advances and clinical guidelines in these areas will be presented, by members of the SEMG Cardiovascular and Diabetes Working Group, as well as clinicians from others Specialties (geriatricians, cardiologists, internists, nephrologists, endocrinologists…), to offer a multidisciplinary view that focuses on the patient.

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