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Exports and digitization are promoted through Aldeas Digitales in Guanajuato with Governor’s Committee: Diego Sinhue Rodríguez Vallejo.

On October 13 and 14, 2021, with 10 conferences in English and Spanish that addressed digital marketing, cross-border e-commerce, omnichannel and consumer trends for 2022.

Leon, Guanajuato, 15 October 2021. Foreign Trade Development Coordinator (Kuvos) “run the mind” From more than 5,000 people during the fifth session of one of the most important business events in Latin America, including in the program the great international minds who spoke about digitization and innovation in cross-border e-commerce.

During the virtual event, our state governor’s commission was presented: Diego Sinho Rodriguez Vallejowho talked about “Digital Villages in Guanajuato and Business Success Stories”; Because our region is a pioneer in establishing these villages and the state government has successfully implemented many of these projects. The Governor of Guanajuato said during his presentation:

“Today I am very proud to present to you 4 companies that have been able to cross the border thanks to this pioneering model in our state, which has created many jobs in the municipalities of Comonfort, Tarandacuao, San Miguel de Allende, Dolores Hidalgo, Huanímaro, Abasolo, San Francisco del Rincón, Uriangato And of course in Lyon.

In Mexico, Business of the Future represents a new income alternative, especially in the current context of the pandemic where Guanajuato has become a pioneer and pioneer in digital transformation. I thank the COFOCE team for inviting them to participate in this session.” hung Diego Sinho Rodriguez Vallejo, Governor of the state.

Digital Villages are a business model that transfers wealth to destinations like never before, using massive technologies that benefit hundreds of families in Guanajuato. Through COFOCE, it was implemented for the first time on the American continent.

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In turn, conferences of international speakers were held from the US, Spain, UK and Mexico with the main themes of this year, which were digital transformation, international trade across borders, digital marketing and multi-channels.

More than just an event, the FORO GO 2021 It is the core part of the nation’s digital transformation ecosystem and its goal is for small and medium-sized businesses to embrace technology to transform their business models, increase their competitiveness, and ultimately lead to greater economic development in Guanajuato.

Luis Ernesto Rojas AvilaThe General Manager of COFOCE stated:

By the end of 2021, the global economy is sure to grow by more than 5%. Currently 50% of people have access to the internet and by 2025 there will be more than 5 billion connected users, numbers by which we envision the potential that exists through the use of these digital tools.

Likewise, it is important to highlight the exponential growth that e-commerce has achieved with an increase of 27% during 2020 across the world. Today, 9 out of 10 people have made purchases online and 1 in 5 online transactions are identified as an international transaction. Faced with this scenario, challenges become great opportunities.” mentioned Luis Ernesto Rojas Avila, General Manager of COFOCE

Foro GO 2021 ended its program with one of the most anticipated speakers at the event: Seth Godin, founder of Yoyodyne, Best-Seller author and worldwide marketing guru; Which revealed the importance of the observation to be noted later and began his presentation by stating: “Marketing is not advertising. All successful marketers make change.” Seth GodinMarketing expert.

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The event included 10 conferences and 9 workshops delivered via virtual platforms, which were attended More than 5000 registered users On the official page of FORO GO 2021 they can enjoy presentations, workshops and the amazing exhibition floor of more than 20 strategic allies of the event.

In the end, the general manager of Kuvos He reiterated his call to the public to use digital tools such as one-click access to international markets and to join the release of FORO GO 2022, which will be held in conjunction with 30 years of government agency.

GO Forum 2021 Program:

October 12 degrees:


Guarantees and means of payment applicable in foreign trade.

Risks, coverage and solutions in imports and exports.

E-commerce + PyMes = Mexican e-commerce growth equation.

October 13:


How the world’s best CEOs have a 10x impact with half the drama.

  • Paulo Andres Osa Benitez

Growth Hacking to grow your e-commerce

  • David Hernandez Quinones

Derivatives, a tool for financial protection in your foreign trade operations.


Lecturer, Strategist, Business Expert

The company’s strategy in the new environment.

Owner and Founding CEO of The Circular

Sustainable Retail: The New Circular Economy and the Triangular Trade Balance.

Author and Spokesperson Expert in Cyber ​​Security

Do you know the weakest link in e-commerce?

Founder and CEO of FELINO, and former CEO of Digital at Adolfo Domínguez

Omnichannel, one of the keys to growing your online business.

Best-selling Autor, CEO Sales Gravy Inc.

Virtual Selling: How to Attract a Buyer and Close Deals.

October 14


Challenges and opportunities for Mexican small and medium-sized businesses practicing cross-border e-commerce.

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Continuous innovation as a mechanism for development and change.

  • LCC Eliezer Enriquez Rodriguez

Marketing machine.


Food future scientist, geopolitical researcher

Do you know what the future holds for your company? Prepare to be amazed.

CEO of Integrated Alliances, Sales Navigator Expert

A recipe for a crisis How to use LinkedIn to do business

  • Flexible corporate success stories

Digital Villages Dashboard and Business Success Stories

Divulgadora Digital and Podcaster

work nirvana

Yoyodyne founder, bestselling author and marketing expert

This is marketing: you can’t be seen until you learn to observe.

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