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Chacabuco It goes through the most complicated moments in pandemic With respect to a number Infection The beds were filled in the municipal hospital. This week, in addition to trading variables UK and ManusThese are more aggressive and contagious strains: while one person with the parent can infect four others, new people do as many as ten.
Mayor Victor Ayola sent a message to the community about the current restrictions and Phase 2: “In these fifteen days, we were able to go from 550 active cases to 250 active cases, roughly. This means that the measures we took were effective, and we were able to reduce the number of Active cases roughly halved and this means that the activities that we had to suppress, which are clearly measures that one does not wish to take, but which are absolutely necessary, had an impact, “the mayor explained.
He pointed out that “we are still witnessing the impact of this peak of infection on the health system, which today occupies nearly 100%, as we had until recently in intensive care, in addition to a large number of patients in hospitals. Important.” And by: “I want to make a section to thank the health workers who have worked hard to fight this hidden enemy which is Covid. The health workers have made a lot of effort since the first day and we need to give him a rest period. We need to reduce the family occupancy, which is very important because the staff are tired and tired.” Exhausted, but with all the desire to keep giving an answer to the neighbor. “

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“We had to regret and greetings, condolences, to every one of those who died in our city of Covid. We had to see that every day one or more neighbors die of Covid in our city. Also, the occupation of treatment beds is high, and the occupation in hospital is high, Which means that we have to rethink the steps that we will follow from now on, ”Ayola said.
Regarding the circulation of the virus, the mayor explained that “in Chacabuco we have not only the UK variable, but also the Manaus variable.” In this context, he indicated that the current measures will continue for another week throughout the Chacabuco region.
As for the neighboring shops, that is, neighborhood stores and kiosks, and grocery sales, they may open another hour until 19:00, and trading hours extended until 19:30.
“I ask for the support of the health system and every one of the workers who are fighting this great battle and for them I greet and congratulate me; we continue in the second phase for another seven days and next Friday we will meet again, I hope that the news that he must provide is good and we will indeed move to the third phase. All of us, “Ayola concluded.

More aggressive strains

Health Minister Ignacio Gastaldi and Infectious Diseases Doctor Maria Alicia Bajula gave a video conference on variant B.1.1.7, known as the British variant, which was discovered in Chacabuco. The sample was sent, according to the protocol, because it was the Covid case of a patient who had traveled abroad. “This is what we suspected from a clinical epidemiological point of view, because of the logarithmic growth in the number of cases, because of the affected population, and because of the severity of some young people who need hospital treatment,” said Dr. Gastaldi.
Meanwhile, infectious disease doctor Maria Alicia Bajula provided details on virus variants, specifically the variants in the United Kingdom and Manaus. He pointed to transmissibility, that is, it can infect more people, and be more aggressive or pathogenic, by itself or because of its greater spread.
Last Thursday, May 13, in the Chacabuco region, information was received from the Argentine Integrated Health Information System (SISA), approved by the Ministry of Health, about the samples sent for complete genetic sequencing at the beginning of this month: Genetic sequencing A full study of SARS-CoV-2 resulted in a study conducted. At the National Institute for Infectious Diseases (INEI-ANLIS) in Parque Patricios, CABA, for variant P.1, variant Manaus.
This genome sequence confirms, once again – as was suspected – that the Chacabuco Party’s epidemiological situation regarding Covid-19 was generated by variants of the original SARS-CoV-2 virus. These variables, Manaus and the UK, generated a logarithmic increase in the number of cases in a short period of time, linked to other equally important factors, such as non-compliance with prevention measures, which include mask use, distancing and frequent hand washing, among others.

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