Dua Lipa, AO Arena, Manchester, review: A long-awaited victory for the disco-pop diva


When Dua Lipa released one of their top pop albums as of late in March 2020, she had no idea it would become the soundtrack to the early stages of the pandemic. Nostalgia for the future It’s a disco-themed party, inspired by the ’80s, designed for dance.

But Lipa’s world tour was postponed frustratingly three times, and instead of hitting the courts hard, the singer released a deluxe version, and then a remix version: nostalgia future club To keep the appetite fresh for the Grammy-nominated album.

This weekend, Lipa finally opened the UK leg of her tour of the AO Arena in Manchester, to a crowded house. After introducing each of her dancers in a video game-style montage, Lipa appeared in a pink Balenciaga cat suit with matching gloves.

Without giving herself a moment to absorb cries of ecstasy while being welcomed home in England after a 27-station tour in the US, Lipa released Physics, the first single from Nostalgia for the future. Meticulously Designed: No rhythm passed without the arms being thrown into the air and almost every figure was punctuated by a big landing on the knees. Lipa dedicates a good time to her fans and it was clear that she worked hard to keep up with the dancers that circled around her (sometimes on roller skates).

The first third of the show was strongly adopted Nostalgia for the futureList of songs, with “Love Again”, “Cool” and “Break My Heart”, indicating a high energy boost.. Lipa’s voice was indistinguishable from the drum, and the jumps from the wobbly bridge of “My Body” to the low and groovy “Pretty Raja” chorus showed its range. It was a wonder seeing her playing every tune that never faded away.

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But for a big pop star like Lipa, singing is only half the story: the play is just as important. The first costume change saw the production adopt an underwater theme, with Lipa appearing in front of a giant lobster to slow down with the song “We’re Cool.” He probably plays in his huge gay fan base, Lipa tried to inject some campers. In the proceedings, but in the cavernous arena, the lobster, who only worked for one song, dwarfed and a little hairy Boring. But things soon bounced back with the sexual pleasure of “Good In Bed.” Lipa was writhing around the catwalk on all fours, catty and comically exaggerated..

Lipa kept the energy going at all times (Photo: Sherlyn Forrest)

He returned to the party in the last third of the night, when Lipa left the planned dance moves to have a good time. Racing across her tracks with Calvin Harris, Silk City, and Elton John (a recording of who appeared on screen behind her singing the “Cold Heart” verses), there was enough time to change into one more outfit: a cat suit. , this time by the late Thierry Mugler, has turned Lipa into her disco ball.

Floating above the audience on a flying dance floor, Lipa jumped to the back of the stage to finally flourish. by liba Maybe fame overshadowed her music career when she couldn’t act, but this show proves that celebrities don’t interfere with your sense of humor. With the funky bass sound of “Don’t Start Now” reverberating in the arena, the 26-year-old star took off on the single.And Swinging hips, serious face The dance that made fun of him and meme endlessly because they “give us no energy”.

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It was a hidden message to her first two fans, who hugged her when she wasn’t there All the moves of the pop star that fills the arena, and the opponents are so ready to accuse her of not having a stage presence. Here, he was greeted with prostration.

The Future Nostalgia Tour was an incredible feat of ingenuity, packed with blow after blow and never lethargic, even in its quietest moments. The myth that Lipa does not have charisma is already outdated.

On tour on May 3


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