Dua Lipa and Robert Pattinson: two mothers at the Rosalía concert | music

What a week Rosalia has had! The Spanish star has got people talking again thanks to him Eager to. On Friday, she released a remix of the song with one of the most famous American rappers of all time: Cardi B. The Catalan, just as she did with The Weeknd in Fame, asked the American artist to sing some phrases in Spanish. This doesn't sound bad at all!

But the matter did not stop there, but beyond that! On the same Thursday, December 15, Rosalía made history at the O2 in London, becoming the first artist to sing in Spanish to fill the venue's 20,000 seats.. It's a great achievement! What we didn't expect was that some of the UK's biggest celebrities would come to watch the show.

Dua Lipa, Another Mother

This way, fans among the celebrities who attended the show were able to see Dua Lipa. The British did not hesitate to enjoy the Spanish party. Dua even shared a message for the hentai artist on her Instagram Stories along with a photo from the show: “Rosiiiiii.”

Moreover, since we were able to see some of the videos uploaded by the concert attendees, Doaa enjoyed all the songs. Especially from Eager to And based on in a bad manner.

It is true that the two stars have been meeting on various occasions for years. In fact, one of the first times they met was at the LOS40 Music Awards in 2018. From that moment on, fans were already clamoring for a collaboration between the two artists.

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Robert Pattinson and Suki Waterhouse

Another Brit who didn't want to miss the show was Robert Pattinson. The actor attended the ceremony with his partner, actress and model Suki Waterhouse. The couple joined Dua Lipa in the VIP area. In fact, Suki didn't hesitate to dance to the beat of the disfa chorus with a singer New laws. They seemed to know all the words.

Camila Morrone on the beat of Malamente

Camila Morrone, the 25-year-old British model, didn't want to miss the Motomami tour either. Leonardo DiCaprio's ex was also in the VIP area with Dua Lipa. The two celebrities are very close friends.

Of course she didn't seem to know the lyrics like her classmates. What remains for us to find out is whether Rosalía will be able to welcome these important guests after the concert. Let's hope so, even if it's just the photo that will leave us as a memory.

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