dream! Rockstar is working on a remake of the Grand Theft Auto trilogy

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Grand Theft Auto V Shows no signs of stoppingIt is still a hit for Rockstar and also for Take-Two Interactive. In fact, The company expressed its stance on developing AAA games today This seems to confirm that we are far from the new acknowledgment. However, the possibility to remake or remake is always open and this may be the way back for the trilogy that made the franchise so great.

The trilogy I made Grand Theft Auto can come back

Grand Theft Auto V NS GTA Online They are fun and successful proposals and there would be no current reason to leave them in favor of new installments. However, there are fans who would like to see something new from IP, especially since many grew up in that era when GT He had constant releases. Well, according to an alleged inside source, posting information on reddit, Rockstar Games will not be introducing a new one soon. GT But to ease the waiting for the new version, the new version of the trilogy will be released GTA IIIAnd GTA: Vice City NS GTA San AndreasGames that conquered the world from 2001 to 2004.

GTA 6 It seems far away, but Rockstar can ease the wait

Although insiders don’t give more information, the idea wouldn’t make sense, because while these titles are fun, they haven’t aged well in terms of graphics and gameplay. In this sense, whoever disclosed the information indicated that the new versions will look better than Grand Theft Auto V, but they will not reach the level Red Dead Redemption 2.

Obviously, this is not official information, so it should be taken into account with due precaution. However, it is strange Rockstar and Take-Two have taken action against fans who are working on reruns or projects related to these three installments And in the gaming scene, it’s believed that when the company does, it’s because it has plans down the road.

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