Dragon Ball has been abolished in Spain for violating gender policies

In the modern era, many animation productions have been put on Eye of the storm To look inappropriate For new generations, this is the case Dragon BallBanned from public television in Valencia, Spain, for Violate gender policies That must now check the cultural products of that region.

After the news broke, hundreds of social media users began a discussion about animation with more than 30 years of existence and that became a reference in popular culture.

According to the Valencian authorities, Dragon Ball It is considered unsuitable for minors, because “It shows gender roles and stereotypes that harm society. “

Valencia Broadcasting Television General Manager À Punt, Alfred Costa, indicated that he sees the prospect of Akira Toriyama’s work returning as complicated, since the current legislation by gender does not allow it.

The Generalitat Valenciana Act on Public Broadcasting and Television Service for the Autonomous Region provides for compliance with Adopting, through self-regulation, codes of conduct aimed at transmitting the principle of equality while excluding sexist content, especially in children and youth programs.

Dragon Ball is one of the most important animation in the world, and it was created by Akira Toriyama in 1989. Case Goku He’s not the only one, okay SpongeBob, Amended also by the same law.

This case reminds us of the recent controversy with the character Baby Lee Bio, Since the columnist New York timesCharles Blow categorizes the character as an example of normalizing sexual harassment.

Another case occurred in 2021 on January 3 when the BBC in the UK aired the 1978 movie Vaseline, a reason that sparked controversy when it indicated that the English had asked for it to be canceled due to the promotion of toxic masculinity, sexual assault and how they dealt with homosexuality is a trait.

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