Dr. Payasso, a non-governmental organization seeking to humanize medicine

The main goal of Doctor Clown Society is to humanize medicine and transform the hospital space with a fun element of love and connection, through games, jokes, and imitation.

he “Doctor Chevlon”who gives life Alex Garcia To bring a little fun to sick children In various medical units, he ensures that love is also an essential component of Be healthyand thus try to cooperate in this way

“(I have) a wish that during our time on this plane we can be loving and light-channeled; I’d love to see children and their desire for their parents to participate in the Games.”

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Alex has been involved in the association for 12 years, and through IMSS Volunteeringdeals with pediatric patients admitted to hospitals, to provide them with a moment of fun, with the mission of aiding the healthy recovery process with love and joy.

He emphasized, “Dr. Payasso is much more than fun, it is deep, and when you choose to serve you, it is a channel through which love flows, and when we connect from the heart we are medicine for each other.”

During his visit to the highly specialized medical unit (UMAE) Children’s HospitalThey indicated that for more than a decade they have worked closely with IMSS volunteers, as both associations carry out the work to accompany patients.

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which is complemented by the work of volunteers in pursuit Fun activities To entertain children, and to enable them, to be playmates during their hospitalization period.”

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Mrs Alice Romero His nephew Osiel witnessed the Doctor Clown show. The minor has been admitted to the hospital on the third floor for nearly two months with various health problems, fever and epileptic seizures, where various care is provided to restore his health.

“I thought it was very funny when the clowns arrived,” Osiel said, “I loved it when they told me about my superpowers, when I told jokes and when they recited riddles.”

Alicia thanked the visit, because the children spend 24 hours, seven days a week in bed, “they got nervous, even if we bring them toys from being here so long, they get bored, and the fact that the clowns arrive is amusing. And it entertains them a lot. We appreciate the time you spend.” with our kids, brightening their time, and we’d love to have you back soon.”

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