Strict dress code for attending Royal Ascot

Magic Race Festival Royal Ascot kicked off on Tuesday with King Charles and Queen Camilla attending. who first came as monarchs of the United Kingdom.

King Charles and Queen Camilla They led the royal motorcade on the first day of the festival, accompanied by Princess Anne and Princess Alexandra.

This is one of the most important dates for both members of the royal family and the British high society, because in addition to enjoying horse racing, fans of the royal family have the opportunity to see the enchanting views.

Although the Royal Ascot has also become a fashion show for fans of royalty, what few realize is that those who attend must follow a strict dress code, Which not even the senior members of the royal family escape from.

You are expected to attend Kate Middleton and Prince William and Zara and Mike Tindall, Dukes of Edinburgh, whose fashion choices will give plenty to talk about.

Dress code at Royal Ascot

According to, in order to gain entry to the Royal Enclosure at Ascot, all attendees must adhere to a strict dress code, from dresses to stockings.

⇒ Dresses, skirts and jumpsuits

For the women, the dress code at the Royal Enclosure is described as “formal day wear,” with most opting for dresses and skirts, as Kate Middleton did last year when she donned a polka-dot dress.

The length of these dresses and skirts should be just above the knee or longer. Miniskirts are not allowed. While women of the Royal Enclosure may wear trouser suits, they must be of the same color and material.

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The straps at the top must be at least an inch thick, but straps that are too narrow are not strictly prohibited, as whoever wants to wear them must wear a jacket or pashmina over them.

⇒ Detection of clothes

Any clothing that could be considered revealing, such as strapless dresses and shirts, off-the-shoulder and halter-neck clothing, as well as sheer and slit clothing is prohibited.

⇒ Monkeys or insufficiency

A few years ago, a new rule was introduced allowing women to wear suits, although they had to go below the knee and adhere to the belt rules.

In 2019, Sophie, Duchess of Edinburgh looked elegant in a belted suit by Emilia Wickstead at Ascot.

⇒ Hats for women

The Kings are known for their love of colorful hats, but while hats must be worn in racetrack venues, head coverings are prohibited.

The diameter of the base of any headgear must be at least four inches.

⇒ Suits, shoes and socks

For men, there are also a number of strict style rules where they must wear a black, gray or navy blue blazer with waistcoat and tie at all times.

The only exception to this rule is if the man in question is a foreign visitor, who may then wear either the military uniform or the national dress. As for the feet, men should wear neat black shoes and socks that cover the ankle.

⇒ Hats for men

Men must wear a black or gray hat at all times, except in a restaurant, private box, porch, porch or garden, and no custom headgear is permitted.

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Even if one is wearing the national costume, a hat must be worn, even if it is not part of the costume.

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