“Nankurunaisa,” Ricky Rubio defended upon his return to basketball

problems Psychological health They are more present than ever in our society, and every day there are more actors, singers and professional athletes who are making the illness that causes anxiety or depression visible. One of them was a basketball player Ricky RubioHe announced early last January, via social media, his retirement from the NBA after twelve seasons to resolve his mental health problems. Now, after returning to Spain, he announced that he is in the final stage of his recovery and has already started training with the Barcelona basketball team.

After admitting in a message on social networks the difficult moments that forced him to stop, the player took to the field with hope and optimism, shouting “Nankurunaisa.” What is behind this word? Eastern culture?

In the Okinawan dialect of Japanese there is the expression Makoto suki nankuru nai sa From where the word was extrapolated nankurunisa What does it mean: “NNever forget who you are; Live today for tomorrow and don't forget to smile. The next day, no matter what happens today, the sun will greet you with a big smile, so do the same. According to experts, the matter can be summarized as follows:“Time will heal everything.” Or, “With time, everything will fall into place.”

The relationship with optimism

Psychologist Montserrat Fernandez “Beyond its translatability,” he explains, “this term carries behind it a deep and encouraging relationship with the world optimism». “Nankurunaisa is a mantra but also a life philosophy – an attitude,” says the psychologist Calm down, relax and enjoy– Which is linked to the longevity of Okinawans. “It may be helpful to put into practice your belief that it is easier to combat stress and increase emotional health.”

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Experts conclude that when you enjoy life without haste and in a relaxed manner, the quality of life can increase, and you can even feel great happiness by doing some simple things.

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