Dr. Juan Abarca International Prize for Medical Sciences announces the formation of its jury

group Dr. Juan Abarca International Prize for Medical Sciences, “Abarca Award”, for Jury composition In its first edition, made up of four researchers and scientists, they will choose, along with Professor Alberto Muñoz Tirol as its chair, the winner of this prize.

this award, Award of 100,000 euros and certificate of accreditation, will recognize a A person from the field of research and science from anywhere in the world, whose work has contributed in a condescending manner to the improvement of the health of the people and the population. Abarca Prize verdict will be announced on October 25.

the doctor. Richard Horton, editor-in-chief of The Lancet medical journal, Prof. Silvia J PrioryItalian cardiologist and researcher. a. Juan Luis Arsuaga, a Spanish scientist, professor and paleontologist. And the professor. Federico de MontalvoDoctor of Laws and President of the Bioethics Committee of Spain since 2019, they are the four famous personalities that make up this jury, headed by Professor F. Alberto Munoz.

The jury was selected taking into account both their experience in attaining accredited academic and professional standing and their international relevance for their contribution to science. In addition to the national and international scientific awards that each individual enjoys, his personal performance in a life devoted to research, scientific publication or ethical debate on issues of great social impact has been added, reasons that have made it possible to advance deeply in favor of health.

This award was created for the purpose of Assessing the impact of medical scientific developments and innovations before the international community. For this purpose, this award will be given to a person from the world of research and science from any part of the world, whose work has contributed in an outstanding way to the improvement of the health of people and population.

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