Dominican foreign direct investment in the UK amounts to £2 million

When you talk about direct foreign investment (foreign direct investment), the arrival of foreign currency from other destinations is usually celebrated, at least in dominican republic. There is rarely analysis or accurate data on the influence of Dominicans in other economies when this variable is discussed.

However, this does not mean that Dominican businessmen are not funneling money to other destinations. A precise example of this is foreign direct investment into the United Kingdom from the island located in the middle of the Caribbean Sea.

at recent days Report issued by the UK Government Details trade relations between the two countries, highlighting local foreign direct investment in the global powerhouse. According to the data, the stock reached two million pounds as of 2021.

In fact, an investment 2 million pounds sterling Sterling pound They noted that flights coming from the Dominican Republic to the United Kingdom in 2021 showed an increase of 269% compared to the previous year. However, in 2021, the Dominican Republic represented less than 0.1% of the total population Stores Total FDI inflows to the UK in Dominican pesos, £2 million equates to approximately RD$150 million.

the trade exchange

Total trade Goods and services The relationship between the UK and the Dominican Republic saw a slight contraction, with an 8.7% drop in total value, to £485 million in the four quarters to Q3 2023.

This decrease was primarily due to a 34% decrease exports From the UK to the Dominican Republic, although there was a 28.2% increase in imports from the Caribbean country.

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Among the main products that half of the island will export to the United Kingdom in 2023 are vegetables and fruits (£72.3 million), plus other manufactures (£5.1 million), miscellaneous electrical goods (£4.0 million), both as 'intermediates' and scientific instruments (£2.8 million) and medical and pharmaceutical products (£2.6 million ).

Among the goods the UK exported to the Dominican Republic in the four quarters to the end of the third quarter of 2023 were: Drinks and tobacco (65.4 million pounds sterling or 36.1% of total goods traded).

Likewise, they stand out Cars (£19.2 million or 10.6%), plastics in non-primary forms (£12.7 million or 7.0%), metal articles (£7.3 million or 4.0%) and medical and pharmaceutical products (£6.9 million or 3.8%).

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