This is what End Times RPG looks like with over 300 mods activated

He falls It is gaining popularity as one of the featured titles right now. Both delivered multiplayer, Fallout 76As the final installment of the main saga, Fallout 4They attract New users After releasing his series on Prime Video. If you're thinking about playing the last game again, you'll be surprised to see how terrible the RPG is With over 300 active adjustments, giving you a stunning look.

Youtube Digital dreamsfamous for pushing games to the limit with mods, has taken on the task of “revitalizing” Fallout 4. With over 300 mods and shaders, it makes the game look more realistic than ever before. Taking Bethesda's RPG to the limit.

As noted on its YouTube channel, Digital Dreams carries out these experiments thanks to its powerful computer. Equipped Next generation GPU, RTX 4090and a Ryzen 9 7950x processor, these components are essential to power the adjustments and shaders that provide this amazing visual quality.

Although the appearance of the game has improved greatly with these software, there are certain aspects that remain disappointing even with the incorporation of many modifications. One such aspect is the effect of rain. Despite the various installed mods, precipitation in Fallout 4 They remain unimpressive Compared to improvements in textures and lighting.

For those who want to take the plunge and install that many mods, Digital Dreams shares a list of the ones I've used through the site Nexusmods. This portal is one of the main portals for implementing these files in games.

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It is worth noting that for Fallout 4, there is an update on the way that will allow the game to run at 60 frames per second on Xbox Series Game.

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