Premier League | Boxing Day: What is Boxing Day, why is it celebrated and what is the meaning of this holiday in the United Kingdom

Every year, December 26 is a magical day for English football. He is one of The most anticipated date by British fans...and global. the Premier League Its three lower classes compete on a day planned exclusively for the enjoyment of the gentlemen.

Likewise, the clubs also benefit (unfortunately not this year), since it is the Christmas holidays Studies indicate that the stages reach 97% of the total. Parents and children attend the playground together and create a very familiar scene that only exists in British tradition.

The Federation is organizing this day with caution… to the point of confronting the clubs from Same city or nearby so fans don't have to waste time traveling.


the The “Box Day” legend, like any legend, has different theories how did that happen. Some say that its origin comes from feudal era, Since the nobles gave it to him after Christmas To serving boxes containing leftovers from lavish lunches and dinners Progress in the form of thanks.

It is also said that on the day after Christmas, Employees went to work with a trust where their employers left them money. Those less interested in mythology claim that it is named so because of the fact that it is The day after Christmas, the streets are filled with boxes of children's gifts..

And among all these there is one Boxing Day is directly linked to football. It may be a historic date in the world of this sport, which makes it truly impossible to suspend matches on December 26.

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AndOn December 26, 1860, Sheffield and Hallam played the first match in the history of football at club level. Setting history with fire for future generations. The most romantic in sports They confirm that it is a celebration of the birth anniversary of the competition between the teams, which will turn 160 years old this year.

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