Doctor’s Day. Medical students persevere despite coronavirus

If the risks to physicians were generally great, the role the epidemic gave the profession was strict; despite this, A thousand 158 students Medicine on the campus of the University of Guanajuato (UG) Lion They have persevered, they have been there day and night knowing the risks this entails for their lives and the lives of their families.

A small number of those sheltering in their homes are due to various factors, some of which are due to health as a common disease, said Carlos Hidalgo, dean of the campus.

Regarding the dropout due to the pandemic, he said it was only 3 percent and that most of the students were women with 642 cases versus 516 men.

“A large number of those who went to hospitals and stayed away from them, but they were there throughout this cycle that we are still going through and they were in hospitals doing their duty not only academically,” he said.

However, the rector said that this campus has the most wanted job in the whole University of Guanajuato which is that of a surgeon and although the income of the students has doubled, it is not enough because they take 90-95 students per semester, to nearly 5 A thousand applicants participate in the calls.

“Since someone decided to go to the health zone, their time is definitely not their time, really their time for others, really their time for others, the fact is that they do a very special zone and that our fellow students and there were many of our fellow teachers.”

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The doctor said that with the arrival of Covid-19, new specialties have emerged such as rehabilitation after convalescence, through treatments in which the patient enters a program that makes him fully recover, in addition to the fact that many are focusing on being pediatric neurosurgeons where there are more women than men and this is a change Another in the generations.

He explained that the behavior within hospitals with modern day challenges is that some people die alone because they are not allowed to have close relatives which is a very sensitive social adjustment, although it must be protected.

He said that the best example that students had throughout the history of the Guanajuato School of Medicine is that since its inception 70 years ago, the institution has been built next to Leon General Hospital and the same model has been repeated with the new facilities in which the school is adjacent to the San Carlos Health Foundation which helps with the learning and development of students.

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