The only decision Fernando Alonso regretted in his long Formula One career

Fernando Alonso gave an interview to ” the teamBefore racing in Austin at the US Grand Prix. The Asturian, two-time Formula 1 champion with Renault in 2005 and 2006, regrets only one thing in his long career in competition… and he will surprise practically everyone.

Because what Alonso regrets is not leaving Ferrari or McLaren… but He has never left Formula 1 before.

“I left too late. I should have left earlier. Now it’s easy to say but I shouldn’t have waited until 2018,” Fernando confirms.

Alonso goes further: “I should have done I did it in 2015 or 2016. two years ago. To test the Dakar and endurance. It took me a while to mature, maybe a long time.”

‘There has always been injustice in F1’

The Spanish champion is also talking about one of the hot topics these weeks in Formula 1: Penalties.

“I have always tried to fight injustice and there has always been by nationalities Either by punishment or by applying the rule.”

“I lost the 2012 World Cup by three points…”

Fernando Alonso returns to Red Bull’s dominance days: “We knew his front wing was very resilient but… They won five or six races until they checked it out It has been banned. I lost the 2012 World Cup by three points.”

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