Disturbance in the selection of transport medicine personnel

Specialists in aviation medicine Accused of manipulating selection processes Directorate General of Protection and Preventive Medicine in Transport (DGPMPT) to provide services medical examiners As part of a temporary approved third-party program.

According to some doctors who requested anonymity and who started the selection process, the administration notifies the applicants one day in advance of the need to take the knowledge test, without getting to specify the duration of the test or the subjects to be evaluated.

Doctors do not rule out the possibility of this situation deliberateJust to agree to some People close to dependency.

To date, the list of third parties authorized by the DGPMPT includes five doctors who have been assigned to attend the Aviation Technical Staff, however, in a consultation it A21 In the National Register of Professionals, none of them hold a professional specialty certification in aviation medicine.

According to Official Letter No. 4.4.077, published by the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Transport on March 26, 2021, it will be necessary for those physicians who request permission to evaluate aviation technical personnel to submit the professional license that accredits the specialty of medicine, aviation or any medical specialty. Instead, doctors who are already licensed have specialties in gynecology, orthopedics, pediatrics, general surgery, and family medicine.

Likewise, this was confirmed by specialists who responded to the call for the field of aviation medicine Exams are irrelevant In many cases the questions are worded so that the applicant does not approve.

In one of the examinations applied to obtain permission as a medical examiner for aviation technical personnel, questions about the increase in the prevalence of overweight and obesity in children, the prevention, treatment and control of diabetes, or the medical requirements that employees need are included. Shipping must meet.

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In other cases, Questions have one or more correct answers or no choice. For example, when inquiring about the state of hearing acuity that can be improved with an external hearing aid, the test selects four options, three of which are correct, however, it is only possible to choose one answer.

In another question, the DGPMPT asks about the Official Mexican Standard (NOM) that regulates the treatment of overweight and obesity. Answers include NOM-004-SSA3-2012, NOM-008-SSA3-2010, NOM-008-SSA3-2012, and NOM-008-SSA2-2012, but doctors warn that there is no correct choice, because the latest NOM is NOM-008 -SSA3-2017.

In some cases, the Aviation Medicine Knowledge Test contains questions about preeclampsia (seizures or comas in a pregnant woman), childhood obesity, or bariatric surgery. However, in issues related to aviation medicine, they report that questions may have multiple correct answers or none of them.

“Because there is no right answer, you as the exam giver never answer with certainty as to why. (The exam) is based on who wants to pass it, and they surely have known them before,” A source with knowledge of the matter commented.

Authorized third parties will be temporary

The authorized third-party software was wiped out in 2019 after Ricardo Neri Villa, the former director of Preventive Medicine, conducted an audit in which he claimed to have found multiple evidence of malpractice, as well as the discovery of a web of corruption by authorities.

In 2020, the covid-19 pandemic forced the agency to temporarily suspend the application of medical examinations to avoid congestion and cases of COVID-19 transmission, and instead, legal validity and legal validity were extended until June 30, 2021. Psychosomatic qualifications, training certificates, and federal licenses are in effect.

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In this situation, Nogueira Fernandez has instructed Gennaro Alfonso López Martinez, Director of Authorization and Third-Party Assessment, to implement an interim program for authorized third parties to address the delay in testing of air, sea, road and rail personnel.

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