Disney and BBCS expand “Bluey”; WarnerMedia buys “Total Dramarama”; The sinking of the ship boosts global sales

Disney and BBCS are expanding bluish

Disney released the third season of Australian animation bluish, With the show scheduled to be broadcast on its channels and broadcast service around the world.

The series was created by Joe Brumm and produced by Ludo Studio for ABC at Oz and BBC Studios, who commissioned and distributed the program.

The show follows a gorgeous, inexhaustible six-year-old Blue Heller puppy who lives with his father, mother, and little sister, four-year-old Bingo.

Its third season will debut globally on Disney Channel, Disney Junior and Disney + in all regions outside Australia, New Zealand and China.

Total Dramarama

Warner Media Penn Dramarama Promotions

WarnerMedia obtained rights Total DramaramaIntroduction to children’s privilege Total drama.

The second and third seasons of the show, produced by Fresh TV and sold by UK Outfit CAKE, were sold to WarnerMedia for the German-speaking regions, the Benelux, Eastern Europe, Asia Pacific and Latin America.

PopTV won the rights in the UK, K2 and DeAkids bought the show in Italy, and in Spain it was sold to Super 3.

Canal + France and ABC in Oz have also participated in the second season of the series, which targets children from 6 to 11 years old.

The third season of the show will begin on Cartoon Network in the US and Teletoon in Canada in mid-2021.

Dino Dana

The sinking of the ship increases global sales

Canada-based Sinking Ship Entertainment has closed a series of deals for its kids’ content, and stations such as Sweden’s SVT have improved Androids.

The show was also sold to NRK in Norway and relaunched to Knowledge Kids and TVO Kids in Canada, while chirp It was re-launched by CBC Country Anchor.

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Dino Dana It was sold to Coupang in South Korea and Astro in Malaysia and Brunei via Bomanbridge, while SVT added a second season of Endings.

Other offers were shown Singles Squad It was sold to Netflix in Canada, and the third season of the show was also purchased by Hop! In Israel and re-launched by CBBC in the UK.

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