Deplores the state of economic and security emergency in Uruguay

A national plenary session analyzed the prevailing situation and detailed in a declaration adopted the increase in the prices of basic products of the basic basket, the increase in poverty and the emergence of manifestations of hunger.

He added that there are more people on the street, wages and pensions are declining, and the benefits of the integrated national health system are seriously deteriorating, the most prominent expression being the lack of medicines.

The Football Association confirmed below: “Fuel has already increased by 48 percent in two years, which has affected the consumption of essential goods and services.”

At the same time, he pointed out that the country’s security problems cannot be solved with harsh rhetoric, ineffective measures and political opportunism, referring to government officials.

On the contrary, he denied, it requires a “multi-dimensional approach that allows the development of short-term measures to improve security services and at the same time social, economic and cultural structural changes.”

For the Left Alliance in this time of emergency “there are no answers to housing problems, progress is being made in the process of privatization and public corporations are weakened,” we lose sovereignty with the port handover, and international politics does not generate trade results nor politicians.

The FA recognizes that “the time has come to listen to the resentment of large sections of society who are experiencing first-hand the consequences of the neoliberal and exclusionary model, and the response of the state can never take the path of repression into opposition.”

He points out that the majority of Uruguayans live in worse conditions, while a small group collects nine billion dollars as a result of the historical tail cyclone that suffered from the raw materials exported by the country.

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He also criticizes official attempts to reinterpret history, constructing a story that exemplifies and justifies the atrocities of state terrorism and requires memory, truth and justice to address the moral debt of Uruguayan society as a whole.


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