“Democracy yes, chainsaw no” | Support campaign in the UK for the strike against Javier Maile

from London

In Europe, awareness of the danger posed by Javier Miley is growing, as he demonstrated to the world in his speech in Davos. Thanks to their historic struggle, French unions were the first to announce their support for the CGT strike on January 24. Now the UK's Campaign for Freedom of Association has joined forces with the British Trade Union Movement and the Friends of Labor Progressivism in Latin America, which includes MPs, Lords, academics, NGOs and journalists.

The two organizations indicated – through a statement issued today, Friday – that Miley represents “a clear danger to union work in Argentina, its members, the working class in general, and the overwhelming majority of the Argentine people.” British groups criticize Miley's anarcho-capitalism, which they describe as “an extreme form of neoliberalism or monetarism”, policies that have facilitated “in the last 40 years the transfer of global wealth from the working class to the super-rich and corporations”. section.” .

The organizations condemn the restrictions on freedom of association and the repressive policy announced by the National Government, summed up in José Luis Esbert's phrase, “jail or bullet” for those who protest. The statement also denounces Miley's attacks against the feminist and environmental movements, “the same thing that Jair Bolsonaro did in Brazil.”

The two organizations expect that this strike will be “a prelude to the struggles that various sectors will face against a president who threatens with his tyranny, his denial of climate change, his austerity program, and his social discrimination.” The statement ends by expressing full solidarity with the CGT and the forces participating in the strike. “We are committed to continuing to support them against this far-right attack. Their struggle is our struggle.”

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Individual signatories to the statement include 13 Labor MPs and members of the National Executive, two Lords, two Baronesses, general secretaries of 14 unions, NGOs, academics such as Jonathan Rosenhead of the London School of Economics (LSE) and journalists.

This announcement fits into the Argentine Solidarity Campaign (ASC), which called on Argentines in the UK to come together at a rally on the 24th to “support and accompany the struggle in our country.” The meeting will be held at the ITU headquarters in south-east London.

The National Security Council statement that followed the statement by the British entities said: “We will not abandon acquired rights, we will not accept the criminalization of those who defend them, we will not remain silent in the face of those who deny state terrorism in Argentina” and “we will continue the struggle against neoliberalism, for Social justice and the right to a decent life.” The statement concludes with the words “Democracy yes, chainsaw no.” Similar events are expected to be held in other European cities such as Paris, Madrid, Barcelona and Rome.

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