The Academy of Sciences warns about the future of CONSET | A statement against government measures affecting the sector

The National Academy of Exact, Physical and Natural Sciences (ANSIVEN) has warned of the issuance of Decree of Necessity and Urgency No. 70/2023. “It seriously threatens the survival of Connisett.”At the same time, he warned against the start of layoffs of administrative employees in the institution and considered it An “extremely harmful” procedure. Postponing the call for grants and promotions for the research profession until the final budget for 2024 is prepared.

“A few months ago, this academy alerted the scientific community and citizens in general to statements by a presidential candidate in which he suggested closing or privatizing Conset,” the statement begins from the scientific side. “That candidate is now the President of the Republic, and through Decree of Necessity and Urgency No. 70/2023 in force, “The first steps have been taken in this direction that seriously threatens the survival of Connisett.” It was added in the text bearing the signature of Academy President Victor Ramos; Vice President Gloria Dubner and Secretary Miguel Laborde.

In the statement, titled “Declaration in Defense of Science,” the academics detailed actions taken by the new government headed by Javier Miley that they consider “seriously harmful” to Conisit’s work. Some of them warned against this “Fifty administrative employees were dismissed in recent days, a staff whose staff was decimated due to meager salaries.” It negatively affects the operational capabilities of the organization.

In turn, they stressed that stopping the payment of overtime wages also affects workers at Conset Company, “whose salaries constituted a large part of that item to compensate for the dedication they were providing to the organization.”

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On the other hand, the statement warned: The uncertainty experienced by many people working in research institutes And the headquarters that undertake administrative tasks and are classified under Article 9 for years with contracts extending until March 31.”

In addition, the academics rejected the decision reported by Conicet this week to postpone the publication of the results of the call for scholarships and promotions in the research profession, until the final budget for 2024 has been drawn up. “It is a situation that has not only generated great concern among scholarship holders and young researchers, but also It also seriously affects the research conducted by Conicet in various institutes They pointed out that financial support and funding for various programs had not been paid, leading to paralysis of activity.

In this sense, they added, “by financing Conicet, reducing its already small staff, and taking over its operational capacity, It will lead one of the most prestigious research institutions in Latin America, which has done so much for the country and its people, into a state of famine, And there will be no need to close it.”

The Ancefn Board of Directors called on Conicet authorities and the Chief of Staff to take “urgent action to reverse this situation.”

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