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After the conclusion of the last session of the London Film Festival, and its first showing in British cinemas, the kitchen He comes to Netflix to show the world his directorial debut Daniel Kaluuya.

The london actor who has It enhanced his fame With ribbons like escape from And no!Both were written by Jordan Peele, as well Black Panther And CV Judas and the Black Messiah.

And now he reveals himself The face as an outlet Accompanied by architect Kiboy Tavares, co-director of the story set in the dystopian capital of the United Kingdom.

Kitchen | Netflix

In the near future when The disparity between the rich and the poor It has become extreme, and to make matters worse, the government no longer supports social housing.

A decision that left many homeless, incl Kitchen residentswho have taken over many abandoned buildings that they now refuse to give up.

Including Izzy (Ken Robinson)a funeral home employee who saved enough to buy his own house and leave the surrounding slums.

Izzy hosts Benji in the kitchen

Kitchen | Netflix

However, his plans changed soon after that Meets Benjy (Jediah Bannerman)a boy who had just lost his mother, whom Izzy knew.

Given what the protagonist host for a few days of the little boy in his apartment in the kitchen, at the beginning of a plot based on slow drama.

Kitchen | Netflix

Since from the hand of A Very slow storywhich is divided into several passages, we see how these, until recently unknown, begin to form a bond.

At the same time, Benjy is drawn to the courage of the gang led by Staples (Hope Ikpoko Jr.), who… Help your neighbors get food and property.

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And the Police raids to remove residents From The Kitchen, mostly African-British, they multiply, keeping their homes and their integrity in check.

In the moments of greatest tension of a feature film He manages to get involved in his backstorymainly due to the performances of Robinson and young Bannerman.

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