Demanding Lebanon to remove obstacles to electing a president

After four weeks of power vacuum, the group of representatives confirmed that dialogue at this stage is the fastest way to accomplish the constitutional task, and would facilitate many steps to get the country out of the current economic and financial crisis.

The lawmakers, led by their president Mohamed Raad, called during their regular meeting not to waste more time and name the new president of the nation, after seven failed sessions in parliament.

In dealing with economic issues, the bloc called for the completion of the required procedural steps to allow the Supreme Council for the Trial of Presidents and Ministers to carry out its planned mission, in order to enhance the sense of responsibility and correct the procedures of authority and administration.

The parliamentarians warned of the negative repercussions of adopting a new electricity tariff, and starting to work with the customs dollar as of next month, and the banks’ dollar in the first days of 2023.

In this sense, loyalty to the resistance drew attention to the insufficient purchasing power of citizens, especially the vulnerable groups, and the obvious shortcomings in policies and social contributions without grants to the poorest families.

In the presence of a provisional government, the group insisted on fulfilling its obligations to guarantee medicines against cancer and other diseases; As well as approving and implementing integrated economic, financial, monetary and social policies in the short, medium and long term.

At the regional level, the bloc praised the persistence, perseverance, dynamism and heroism of the Palestinian people’s resistance to the crimes and violations of the Israeli occupation.

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They rejected the arrogance of the international powers that practice unilateralism in dealing with influences and controlling decisions with the aim of preventing countries from economic, social and political progress.

The Lebanese Parliament will hold its eighth session next Thursday, December 1, with the aim of achieving the required consensus and appointing the fourteenth head of state after independence.


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