Sneaky robbery involving a thief in an institution in the United Kingdom

A clumsy thief tries to rob a UK institution

In the attack on the long list Clumsy thieves Someone new sneaks in culprit Where United kingdom. decided to theft All the money affiliate cash register For an establishment he broke into, what initially appeared to be a successful coup d’état from which he was going to leave with a good loot ended with an outcome completely opposite to what he thought, something similar to what happened to him in Bellevue, Washington, USA, to another criminal after a Louis Vuitton store robbery Ended up hitting the glass in his desperate attempt to escape.

In this case, as can be seen from the photographs, the thief seemed to be in control of everything: he was already inside the establishment, reaching for the safe, and the people working in the place seemed to submissively without offering resistance.

Such was the relaxation of the offender in this case, in fact, He decided to take his time Check everything around the box before you pick it up, take it out and smash it to the ground to open it up and take the money.

What he doesn’t seem to realize in the process is that even Two women left the institution From the same door before he started to pick up the bundles of securities from the floor one by one.

The thief was caught just before he left: he didn’t even get past the door frame

In the somewhat surreal scene, there was also a man sitting on a couch right in front of the thief, who looked like he was watching a bad movie whose consequences seemed obvious.

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In the end, after collecting the bills, it seems that the criminal is already in a hurry to finally get away with the loot, but It didn’t even go beyond the door frame. Just before attempting to escape, several police officers arrive. policeman who were presumably alerted by the workers who left moments earlier.

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