Degree in Geography from UASLP with great professional development options

The BA in Geography from UASLP’s School of Social Sciences and Humanities is ready to welcome the twentieth generation, made up of around 500 students, a good percentage of whom have made it to campus through rearrangements.

On this last point, Dr. Oscar Reyes Perez said: “The intriguing part is that most of them stayed because they found what they did not know, because it is an unknown degree but we in the college have been supporting it gradually and this has more graduates in various other educational programs of the university.”

He added that seventy percent of its graduates obtained the degree and a third of them decided to enroll in higher studies. “Like all graduates, when they got a job, they had ups and downs, but they had the ability to position themselves in areas they had no idea: Private Initiative, Indigenous Peoples, Inegi, Conabio, Semarnat.”

Reyes Perez said that the field of work is diversified with this broad knowledge, and management of new technologies that are essential. “We have a new study plan, since 2019, in which an area has been developed to manage mapping, and combine knowledge from other fields to achieve a better vision of geographic work and greater diversity.”

A degree in geography is one of the oldest disciplines in human history, but in an institutionalized way, like other professions, it has been taught since the nineteenth century.

In the case of a degree in Geography taught at the College of Social Sciences and Humanities (FCSYH), Dr. Oscar Reyes Perez explained that it is a program that high school students are not aware of its existence as an educational offering of UASLP.

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“It is strange that it is a field of knowledge that is taught from basic education, but when young people reach high school, they know little, and what they know is distorted by the idea that it is an encyclopedic discipline responsible for mapping or knowing the elements of a particular place.”

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