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Starting next May 17, you can travel abroad and resume your vacation. The most important news for Spain The rest of the world considers that the British will be free of flight restrictions in the summer to The Mediterranean Sea. Another thing is if the Mediterranean will be ready to receive them.

However, from June 21, there will be no restrictions on Britain, With one important case, if the vaccines continue to work as well as they did now and if the virus variants don’t change things. The news was introduced as soon as three studies on the effectiveness of vaccines were known that leave no doubt to the authorities about the positive and difficult development of the epidemic.

The truce began on March 8 with the return to classrooms. Starting April 12, there will be some other activities in bars and restaurants and hotels may open. The restrictions will continue to be further reduced on May 17, the date from which outbound tourism can resume.

Finally, as stated by the government, as of June 21, normality can be restored in almost all activities, including of course tourism, according to

No information has been provided on airport controls, but this does not appear to be significantly reduced. Today, the British have strong controls at airports for fear of entering the virus, especially one of the most aggressive variants they have, specifically, one of the most contagious diseases but on which vaccines work most successfully.

The interpretation of the de-escalation declaration leading to normalization is the effectiveness of vaccines. In Great Britain they do injections Pfizer Based on AstraZeneca.

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In this sense, nearly everyone over the age of 60 is vaccinated. Now people over the age of 65 are vaccinated. Nearly 18 million citizens have been vaccinated, with a very high level of admission. Mortality data among those who have been vaccinated is very low, according to studies.

The government stated that in the future they will have to live with the virus, which cannot be completely eliminated, but with vaccinations, especially in the elderly, it will be possible to achieve a similar low number of victims with other existing viral diseases. .

In recent days, the tourism sector has been demanding a precise timeline for de-escalation to get businesses back up and running. The government’s announcement responds to the demands.

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