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The CEO said, “ This second shutdown (December 2020) has proven to be as challenging as the first (March 2020), so we are very excited to be able to open up again to fully reconnect with the community that we owe ourselves. From the entity, Victor Kokalon.

He confirmed in statements to the press that in this second round, the safety of visitors and the work team will be the first priority, so they will continue to implement a strict health protocol that requires the use of masks and alcohol gel, in addition to taking a body temperature at the entrance to the building.

He specified that as part of biosecurity measures, the center has a signaling system within the exhibits, which reinforces the recommended distance between social bubbles.

We want to continue to offer a safe space for Panamanians and tourists, where we can reflect on our relationship with nature and the world. Kokalon said: “ So that we can give a little more meaning to what we live as humanity, and together we learn how to take care of the planet and help avert other tragedies like this one.

In a press release, the cultural foundation reported that opening on Thursdays and Fridays will take place from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM local time, while those interested should follow the regulations posted on the page.

He also announced that from March 6, when the movement restrictions in effect on weekends are lifted, the biome will resume visits on Saturday and Sunday.

Open to the public since 2014, this facility is a benchmark in terms of education, interpretation and museum that has passed through more than 200,000 tourists and 126,000 students of all levels of education in the country.

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Located in the capital’s Calzada de Amador, it is the only one of its kind in Latin America and the Caribbean designed by acclaimed Canadian architect Frank Owen Gehry, a Pritzker Prize winner recognized for the innovative and bizarre shapes of his buildings.

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