David Fittelson underestimated tennis because of Alexander Zverev’s actions

Zverev’s backlash in Mexico

Mexico is back in the sporting orbit with a twist ATP500 Held in Acapulco, Guerrero. Although the presence in the field of advocates such as Daniel Medvedev, Rafael Nadal, Stefanos Tsitsipas and Cameron Nouri has generated excitement among fans, a controversial scene, where Alexander Zverev assaulted a judgeSmear the tournament progress. In fact, the event was reason enough for characters like David Fittelson criticized the “gentleman’s sport”.

Via his Twitter account, the controversial sports journalist went against the German tennis player’s stance and questioned the state of discipline. “They used to brag that tennis is a ‘noble sport’. I think Alexander Zverev does not fit into this context.”via his verified Twitter account, @Faitelson_ESPN.

which is that at the end of the match corresponding to the round of 16 of the tournament in pairs, Zverev and his Brazilian partner Marcelo Melo fell suddenly The duo consisted of Lloyd Glasspool of the United Kingdom and Harry Heliofara of Finland. The result was not what the German expected, so before he got to his seat, he repeatedly hit the chair where the judge was.

Alexander Zverev has come under fire for attacking the chief justice during his participation in the Mexican Open (Photo: Henry Romero/REUTERS)

After shaking hands with his rivals, he walked toward the edge of the net while uttering a series of words to the chair referee. Once you step on the line that limits the playing field Shoot a bat at the plastic chassis. The scene continued with a few more strokes. After a few moments, he sat down in his allotted place, but Pause again to unleash one last effect. At that moment, Italian referee Alessandro Germani rose from his place to report the incident.

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The scene was wide Rejected by those who attend the sports stadium It is located in the city of Acapulco, because they criticized the position of the Germans amid the whistles. Reactions were not limited to the stadium and social networks, but also reached the event organizers. In fact, hours after the attack, Mexico Open’s verified Twitter account reported disqualification Zverev tournament.

With this, the 3rd best exponent From discipline at the world level I lost the opportunity to defend the title Beat Stéfanos Tsítsipas in the 2021 edition From the Mexican Open Tennis Championships. Meanwhile, after eliminating him, a duel was scheduled against him Peter Gojowczyk In the singles branch it was canceled, so his compatriot automatically qualified for the quarter-finals.

Alexander Zverev has been disqualified from the Mexican Open (Photo: Henry Romero/Reuters)
Alexander Zverev has been disqualified from the Mexican Open (Photo: Henry Romero/Reuters)

“It is difficult to express how sorry I am for my behavior during and after yesterday’s doubles match. I privately apologized to the chair judge that my anger toward him was wrong and unacceptable. I feel disappointed in myself. It should not have happened and no excuse. I must also apologize to my fans, the tournament and the sport I love.”He wrote on his personal Instagram account in the early hours of Wednesday, February 23, 2022.

This is not the first time that one of the world’s tennis leaders has shined in such a spectacle. During the Italian Open in 2021, Novak Djokovic He made a series of angry complaints to the presiding judge for not suspending the match against Taylor Fritz due to moderate rain. After many months break his racket When hitting the ground Several times when he missed a bronze medal against Pablo Carreno in Tokyo 2020.

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