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The Ecuadorean central defender will have everything ready to play in LigaPro in 2022.

Ecuadorean central defender Cope Hurtado He has been without a team since last August, when he ended up playing for second division side Bonita Banana. During the first semester of 2021 he was in Portoviego League (Series B)But Cabira’s economic problems not only caused the traditional Ecuadorean football team to drop to second place, but also caused the departure of many players; Including the 36-year-old defender.

However, Hurtado sought opportunities in national football, and despite the limited number of proposals that did not meet his salary expectations, he decided to go to the United States. In the North American country, the tricolor is not allotted to professional sports because it provides services to a custom construction company, but it confirmed that it can return to Ecuador.

In Ecuadorean football, there are teams that offer you $1,500 or $2,000 and a professional player, with a great career like the one you’ve had, with humility and effort, doesn’t deserve to win that.Hurtado commented in an interview with journalist Joaquín Saavedra.

Proposals like these came to me and I did not accept them. Here (New York) I have my salary up to $6000 and that gives you peace of mind that you are okay.”

As for his time at Liga de Portoviejo, an economically unstable club, Hurtado said he was “grateful” to the city, but not to the managers.

“An institution that I liked a lot in football, but economically very bad because they owe me a lot of time. They paid me a prize that was for promotion, but they did not pay in the event of an epidemic. I lost a lot of things in the house because of the rent. The footballer stressed the gratitude For Portofejo, the city is more than anything, not for driving.

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Hurtado argues that clubs in Ecuador have “captured the epidemic” to undercut salaries or not meet salaries, however, he concludes, harassment of this kind has been coming for a long time.

I can’t tell you what’s going on because everyone has been affected by the epidemic, but this has already been happening for a long time. Low salaries started and so the old players left football. A veteran player who performs on the field cannot earn the same salary as a player who is just starting.” Balotelli.

And about his chances of returning to LigaPro, he said: I can’t give you the names of the clubs. I’m going to play, I already spoke to one and made a statement.

In domestic football, Hurtado has defended the jerseys of Deportivo Cuenca, Universidade Technical, Independiente del Valle, Liga de Luja, Liga de Quito, Forza Amarilla, Ecuador River (currently Guayaquil City), Moshoc Rona, Liga de Portoviego, Ucas and Bonita Banana. . Internationally, he spent six months in Chile Cobreloa, in 2016.

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