Honduras places the “victims” sign in front of the United States

Guadalajara, Gal. /

Honestly , Miguel Valero, Honduras U-23 coach, I accept that United State he have Favorite sign On the CONCACAF semi-final, Subsequently It is expected that the US national team will not miss the tournament’s grand final date.

“We got a little used to it, since they really did it with all the teams in the series, knowing their strength, we were always competitors, a team like this, we deal like all matches, take the result with us and Even though they are not providing us with the candidate list, we think we can play a good gameFor the sake of knowledge and information, the competitor can get more numbers, but in the field they are 11 to 11 and my children will give the maximum, ”the strategist said before the confrontation on Sunday.

On the other hand, the coach indicated that he still had to analyze the last game of the Americans in order to determine who would be the substitute. Kervin Ariaga, the man who Gives Honduras balance in midfield And he will not be able to play due to the accumulation of yellow cards.

“It will not come out of these two (Joseph Rosales or Jonathan Nunez), We notice how they hire the work, we are still not training, first we will see a summary of the United States and from there we go to the field, and there we will decide, any of us can do it in a good way.

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