Cubans are being held in a shelter in Panama, under inhumane conditions

Immigration agents in Panama (Photo: Migration of Panama – Facebook)

Cuban immigrants held in a shelter in Panama have denounced to local media that they are living in inhumane conditions and there is no special interest in children and pregnant women.

The Caribbean were on their way to the United States but were intercepted and taken to that place known as Laja Blanca, located in the province of Darien, an area where there is a dangerous forest of the same name that functions as the natural border between Panama and Colombia.

Joel told the newspaper that one of the Cubans was known as Joel Century They are obligated to pay even to use the pans for cooking, and the tent that should protect them is not in good condition.

“I didn’t ask them to bring us to this camp, I don’t want anything from here, we just want them to let us go, the treatment is inhuman, everything is a business, Panama from being a respectable country has become a trap,” he said.

A Cuban woman took advantage of the media presence to denounce the police officers’ constant shouting at the migrants, “No one invited you, no one invited you to come here!”

A few days ago, Panama’s National Border Service reported on Twitter that paramedics from that country were taking care of Cuban immigrants who had crossed the Darien Forest after being stranded for several days in a Colombian community.

“They are currently in the facilities receiving clean clothes and food, and they are waiting to immigrate to Panama, to be taken to a shelter,” a post on Twitter said.

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In addition to this case, also from Panama A Cuban mother and son have been reported dead By drowning in a river located in the aforementioned forest where the rainy season started recently.

The deceased were identified as Yeliana Samon and Alberto Martinez. In addition to these, two bodies were also found under investigation by the Regional Prosecutor’s Office in Dareen, but it was unofficially said that they could also be Cubans.

They told me that the identity of the people was not yet known, and they were supposed to be Cubans, but this had not been confirmed. “They are doing autopsies that were in a state of decomposition, so we have to wait,” a Panamanian official said. Marty Radio and Television.

This week, too A young Cuban has been reported dead On the border between Bolivia and Peru. Relatives are asking for help in returning their bodies that were found abandoned in a Bolivian town.

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