Tennis: German Delcanto shines on the American University circuit – sport

A series of six straight victories that catapulted his university to the top of the competition, allowed Gualeguaychuense, Germán Delcanto, to be recognized as Player of the Week on the college tennis circuit in the United States.

The award was honored by the training staff and was published through the official channels of the competition.

In his sophomore year at American college tennis, Delcanto led University of Tennessee Wesleyan to the top of the competition, with major singles and doubles victories over the top competitors.

Last week, Delcanto swept the singles and doubles matches against Reinhardt Colleges and Pointe.

In singles games, Delcanto starred for TWU and only lost six matches, resulting in a six-match winning streak.

In doubles, and in pairs with Gabrielle Ortiz, they defeated Puig Molina Alexander of Reinhart University and Pereira Maust of Pointe. Against the Reinhart duo, Delcanto and Ortiz dig deep by beating their opponents in the tiebreak.

The University of Tennessee Wesleyan plays again today in the quarter-finals of the conference against SCAD University in Atlanta. A new victory would leave the Bulldogs in the semi-finals facing the definition of a weekend.

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