Cuba welcomes the agreement reached between the Government of Colombia and the Second Marquetalia of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia.

HAVANA, June 30 (EFE). – Cuba expressed on Sunday its satisfaction with the measures agreed upon between the government of Colombia and Marquitalia II, a dissident from the former guerrilla Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), in the first round of negotiations that ended the previous day. . In Caracas.

Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez wrote on his X account: “We welcome the actions agreed upon between the government of Colombia and the armed rebel organization Segunda Marquetalia in the first session of this roundtable of dialogue.”

The Chancellor stressed that Cuba, which has served as a mediator in several peace negotiations between the Colombian government and various rebels, “maintains its commitment to peace in Colombia.”

The second round of these negotiations is scheduled to be held in Cuba in the second week of August.

In the first round, which began last Monday, the parties agreed on “early measures for a comprehensive and gradual quelling of the conflict in the regions” where the Second Marquitalia is located, a group led by Iván Márquez, who was prime minister. Chief negotiator of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) in the peace talks that concluded with the 2016 agreement.

The agreement signed in Caracas stipulates that the unilateral ceasefire under the Marchitalia II Agreement “does not mean a limitation of the constitutional and legal powers of the public forces.”

The agreement adds that the implementation of the de-escalation will begin when the presidential decree suspending offensive military operations comes into effect, and the general force will “provide security conditions.” Efe

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