Cuba Information – Article: The Dog

Gerardo Moya Nogueira*: Cuba will always, always depend on all the good people on planet Earth. I of course wish the counter-revolution a happy and peaceful year in 2024. We must continue on the path left to us by Fidel, Hugo and Che, first and foremost, to set an example and always respect those who think differently from us.

In this new year you will realize, I hope and hope, that the Contras stationed in Miami, Florida are on the wrong path or are on the wrong path. Capitalism is destroying us, the working class, and consequently some of the peoples of the world. Let the economic, trade and financial blockade be lifted once and for all, and let the UN Commission on Human Rights in 2024 take due note of this and continue to vote “no” to the blockade, especially by the Empire/USA, and thus we will be left with a better and more habitable world. world. Mr. Biden and his European heads of state must realize that they are wrong and that they are on a path paved with defeats. Egypt and its mummies and all the gold and possessions that went with them are otherworldly and will remain so. Always keep it in mind. As the saying goes: “When the dog dies, rabies ends.” Thank you everyone

* President of the Balearic Friendship House – Cuba

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