“Pokmon Horizons,” the anime series without Ash Ketchum, does not yet have a release date on Netflix Spain

A few months ago, legendary coach Ash Ketchum ended his adventure. A new novel titled Pokemon Horizons, was announced with great fanfare, confirming that it will be the successor to the popular anime. The story will have new heroes, and a few days ago, it confirmed its arrival on streaming services such as the UK and BBC. The series will premiere in April in Japan and internationally, as has been confirmed Pokemon companyAccess to global markets through Netflix the next February 23, 2024despite of Nothing was said about Spain.

Pokemon Horizons It has an international release date for Latin America and the US on Netflix, but none from Spain

netflix, As already happened with Pokemon janitor, The Adventures of the Pokemon Master And other fairy tales in the saga, and have retained international exploitation rights. We know that the platform will broadcast the series in countries such as the United States and different regions in Latin America, although there is no official date for Spain. Yes, it is very likely that the premiere in Spain will be closer to a hypothetical date in February or March, but the Pokémon Company has not said anything about that. You can check it out On the official website.

The anime will be released on February 23, 2024 on Netflix in different regions, but nothing has been said about Spain.

Pokemon Horizonsa series inspired by the Pokémon saga, debuted in Japan in April and takes us to Paldea, a region Pokemon scarlet and purple Inspired by the Iberian Peninsula. Who are the stars Lekothe young coach who always accompanies her Sprigatito And a stickthe trainer whose main Pokémon is FuyukokuThey will meet many characters during their adventures, including a group led by Freddy and Captain Pikachu who call themselves “Dealing with Electric Aviation Pioneers.”

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