Activist blames the US authorities for the killing of a Cuban on the border of Mexico

The The death of a Cuban immigrant in Playas de Tijuana When I was trying to swim across the border with the United States It was the responsibility of the American authoritiesHugo Castro, director of the first migrant embassy shelter in Mexico confirmed.

In a letter to SibercopaHe is also the founder of the network of support and shelters for immigrants in Baja California “The death of a Cuban immigrant was caused by the Border Patrol, which forced the Cubans to return to swimming when they were already with the United States,” he added.

Castro considers the hostel he runs “located in front of the wall in Playas,” and He claims that he has videotapes and that he knows “eyewitnesses” who can testify to what happened. Among them, there are colleagues, including coordinator Robin Olivares, and more than a dozen migrants were staying at his shelter, says the migrant rights activist.

On the night of March 23, at around 10 pm, two Cubans were rescued from the cold waters of Tijuana and received first aid after trying to reach the United States. One of them lost his life.

The identity of the deceased and the survivor has not yet been released.

Castro shared his Facebook profile Video With Sensitive photos of the moment when a group of people tried to revive the late Cuban unsuccessfully. Likewise, a second Cuban can be seen alive lying in the sand after he has been saved.

Illuminated by a flashlight in the middle of the night, the image of a drowning Cuban has taken up space in publications around the world as a symbol of the tragedy of immigration on the border of Mexico.

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Sibercopa He called Hugo Castro, who confirmed that the Cuban immigrants followed the instructions of the border guards when they were ordered to return to Mexican territory, which were indicated by large floodlights, and then the activist blamed these officers for the killing of a Cuban citizen.

Castro estimates that the migrants had to swim upstream, in icy waters and rough waves, 150 or 200 meters away..

The Embassy of Migrants camp is located 70 or 100 meters from the border wall Three immigrants of other nationalities provided first aid to the Cubans Said the activist who called the fire department.

To cross the fence separating Tijuana and San Diego, the migrants were forced to swim in the dark at night and in extremely low temperatures, about 100 meters out into the sea. The swelling and constant vigilance of border patrol makes it virtually impossible to circumvent the fence.

So far this year, this is the second Cuban to die trying to cross the US-Mexico border and another immigrant, Honduran, who died in the attempt recently.

There has also been an increase in illegal immigration across the Florida Straits. The tragedy of a boat wreck in the Bahamas is far from over, despite the fact that authorities have halted the search for the missing. They were rescued in the same geographical area Six hydrangea rafters By the United States Coast Guard a few days ago.

The Cuban immigration situation has been complicated by the worsening crisis in Cuba and there is no immediate change in the Joe Biden administration’s immigration policy.

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