Cuarón awarded at Cannes the “Triangle of Sorrow” award

Cannes, France. – Alfonso Cuaron Awarded the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival sadness triangleIt is a Mexican film co-producer with piano directed by Julio Chavezmontes. In addition to other countries such as the United Kingdom (BBC Film) and Denmark (The Danish Film Institute).

“Triangle of sadness” By Ruben Östlund won the highest award in 75th Cannes Film Festival.

This is the second Golden Palm for the Swedish director, who won it for the first time in 2017. “Square”.

A well-woven satire of capitalism with hilarious and extreme stances that puts its finger on the burning issues of today’s society such as overindulgence, costly accumulation at the hands of oligarchs and tyranny of appearances.

For Alice Krueger, Producer,

“It’s a very interesting, interesting and refreshing movie to watch in Cannes because despite touching on critical issues, it makes you laugh and have fun,” he told EL UNIVERSAL a few days ago.

According to TikTok publicist, Rabby Hilder,

Robin Ostlund has achieved a rare combination of artistic cinema and the perfect film to captivate audiences. It strikes the perfect balance between authentic and commercial and that is the hardest thing to achieve.”

Brazilian film critic Marianne Jaffee commented:

“Watching this movie was a unique experience. It took me through all kinds of emotions and helped me vent. He assured that he would have a good tour of the festival.”

Robin Ostlund He already has a Golden Palm for his movie “Square” Where the perversion of the bourgeoisie, the subject of his passion, is the focus of the acclaimed film that also won an Academy Award.

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