Are you interested in doing a project that benefits the community? … UNAM supports you

Are you interested in doing a project that benefits the community? … UNAM supports you

• Students are looking forward and it is necessary to focus on their sense of humanity: Carola García Calderón
Jorge Vazquez Ramos said: • Inter-sectoral interaction is being promoted for self-employment and community stimulation

FCPyS Director Carola García Calderon noted that they have discovered over time that young people tend to be entrepreneurs, and now what is needed is their institutional support to direct their interests and connect them to other areas of the university.

“The initial thing is that students know this unit that is being created in the Faculty of Political Science. When you think about entrepreneurship it is linked to private initiative or companies and there is a chain of resistance but here we are talking about social organisations. There is a global tendency to think about environment and sustainability and issues like peace or A culture of peace and I think that there, from a social science perspective, a lot can be contributed and plans of a marked social nature can be drawn up,” he emphasized.

The sociologist also mentioned that before the pandemic there was a trend of change in students, who were preparing not only to collaborate in a large company, but to create their own sources of income and thus support their community, which was emphasized with the current economic crisis.

At this time, they aspire to multiple interests and it is necessary to know how to direct them, focus their human sense to contribute to society, and allow them to help solve and attack specific problems, which, in the long run, will contribute to the expert in educational and cultural television argued for a greater solution than them.

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It is worth noting that as part of the agreement signed between the university entities, seminars and work sessions will be held to introduce funding sources, communication networks, business consulting, marketing, management, accounting, finance, legal issues, production processes and graphic design, in other aspects.

The college will have a space that will be a meeting point for generating ideas, to be realized in business projects. The FCPyS community will soon be called upon to participate in the initiatives.

Greater interaction between sectors

In turn, the Coordinator of Connectivity and Technology Transfer (CVTT), Jorge Vasquez Ramos, emphasized that one of the ways to connect to the community is to establish incubators where students and academics are guided through courses and guidance to innovation, innovation and undertaking.

“Any attempt to create something new that can promote self-employment and the creation of companies in academics or students with different motives, technical, technical or social. He explained that in the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences there is a lot of knowledge of the social environment, and there are multiple ways of dealing with social sectors, especially the most vulnerable groups.

For now, Vásquez Ramos said, it is all about promoting interaction between sectors, so that people are not just looking for jobs, but are self-employed, earning money and motivating society.



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