Create in the days of The Simpsons Hit & Run remake with Unreal

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The Simpsons: Hit and Run It was a GTA version released in 2003 which has sold more than 3 million copies worldwide. Today, nearly two decades later, hit and run It is fondly remembered and many expect the game to be redesigned or reworked. A fan decided he was tired of waiting and within a week built a demo of what’s new hit and run Using Unreal Engine 5.

This awesome dmeo game was created by Reubs, who is a big fan of the game. hit and run Asli spent years as a kid playing the classic PS2 game. So he set out to recreate the game using Unreal Engine 5. First, use a tool made by another developer, Lucas Cardellini, which allowed Reubs to export the map from hit and run Native to a file type that works in Unreal. Then, Reubs updated some textures using AI, while manually recreating some textures. The end result, after you’ve also activated ray tracing, is a clean and beautiful reconstruction of the original Springfield map.

He then used the models and resources he found online, such as the Homer model, the unreal car wagon, and the stylized trees, to quickly create a playable structure. After that, it was just a matter of adding more details and features. He extracted the audio from the game to give voices to Homer and others in the demo. Reubs has also programmed coins and collectibles, as shown in the original game. He even entered and added some gags to be found hit and run. Finally, he was able to use all of this to recreate the game’s original opening mission.

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The end result looks amazing. It also makes me want to remake the game fully funded and professionally designed. If a fan using improvised resources manages to achieve something impressive in a week, then I can only dream of what a great team can create with a decent budget and a few years.

* Insert The salivary gif of Homer. *

Unfortunately, it can no longer be downloaded because the creator removed the original link due to “copyright issues”. It doesn’t surprise me that some Disney lawyers have sent a nasty email about something that has a lot of assets pulled straight from the game. Fortunately, being the internet, I suppose there are places where you can still find the demo.

As for an official paraphrase, it may happen, but it seems unlikely. employment July interview with IGNVeteran writer The SimpsonsSalman, Matt, told the director that he would love a new version of hit and run, but achieving this implies “complex chaos for companies”.

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