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The The Faculty of Economics begins in the second semester of the 2021 academic session Return to Existence In their undergraduate activities organized by a team of purpose-built BA Logistics who were responsible for assembling and preparing health protocols and distributing spaces and classrooms to develop exams, study and classes.

This long-awaited news fills the entire community with happiness at the fact of meeting again and beginning to travel together this new normal as a result of the efforts of the entire institution in each of its monasteries: academic support staff, teachers and students, Mark from House of Studies.

The process started gradually in the first semester with face-to-face classes on some chairs which were later interrupted due to the compulsory isolation and social precaution at the end of April.

Subsequently, the return to head-to-head confrontation was resumed on July 5 this year with the Integrative Mathematics Exam 1 that 350 students took. After the winter break, the final examination schedules for cycles 1, 2 and the final year of the bachelor’s courses were held, with more than two thousand students from the four races held at the Mendoza headquarters and in the San Rafael delegation.

“We will go back to the so-called intelligent or binary existence. We really want to go back to the Faculty of Economics. We had to overcome some construction difficulties because of the number of students and the number of boys, but we started face to face again”, back to note The Logistics Profession Director, Sarah Bettina.

The elective authority added: “Every academic unit is a scientist, which is why every case must be analyzed for return. The Rector’s Office has given general guidelines and each faculty will adapt best and according to its capabilities. Full and no missed semesters, months, or anything.”

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After renovating the educational buildings, organizing chairs and formulating work and health protocols, the institution is preparing to start the second semester 2021, which will start on August 23 in a two-way with 4600 students, on 3 campuses and in 5 races. In this way, students from all years of university study will be received in person, divided into groups.

Group A: 1 and 2 year old students

Group B: Students aged 3, 4 and 5 years

Each group will take a virtual week and a face-to-face week according to the following scheme:

week 23 | 08: default for all years

Week 30 | 08: Presence of Group A (and the default of Group B)

week 06 | 09: Presence of Group B (and the default of Group A)

Week 13 | 08: Presence of Group A (and the default of Group B)

week 20 | 09: Presence of Group B (and the default of Group A)

In this way follow Attendance organization employment Each group to develop the classroom.

Students who live more than 60 kilometers from the headquarters or have any of the established diseases: they must not commit to compulsory attendance of classes. Those who find themselves in this situation should inform him before the start of the course by filling in the following form to request exemption from face-to-face classes and exams

the library

It will also come back into existence in Mendoza headquarters library Where in addition to continuing to act as a point of contact, it is possible to come to study in a group or individually from This Monday August 23 Monday through Friday from 8 am to 10 pm.

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Sala com: It can accommodate 180 male and female students. There you can study in a group at tables of 4 or 6 people. The role must be requested by only one member of the group by clicking here.

silent room: It has 25 individual places. The role must be requested by clicking here

Library computers: There are 7 computers available with connectivity. The role must be requested by clicking here


The buffet service will return to its normal operation at its usual hours.

In order for this position to function and be carried out normally, it is important to comply with the protocols for this purpose, always attend with the chin strap (covering the nose and mouth), not attend with symptoms, avoid masses and respect the distance and social measures established in the premises.

To be taken into account in case of infection with the Covid-19 virus

If within 48 hours after attending college, a suspicious case or positive case for covid-19:

You are asked to report your case to Reference COVIDTo the designated area to collect information on suspected or confirmed positive cases. The email to be notified is [email protected] We remind all of the college attendees:

Respect and apply specific health prevention measures.

– Stay informed of the latest actions taken by the Studies House.

Do not attend FCE facilities with some of the following symptoms, which are presumed to be due to COVID-19:

* A fever greater than or equal to 37.5 degrees Celsius.

*dry cough.

General fatigue.

* Muscle pain o muscle pain.

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* Kongstein.

* Throat pain.

* Breathing difficulty.

* Vomiting and diarrhea.

* Loss or lack of sense of smell or taste.

Do not attend in case of close contact.

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