Covid free trial kits could be gone by the end of August

the huge Comprehensive test program UK Covid . can It will be removed by the end of next month. That’s right Free home test kits will no longer be available In the NHS. Despite this, the Dr. Jenny Harris, CEO of the company Health Security Agency, it was mentioned Still have to decide If the program continues beyond the end of August.

Nowadays, everything The British are entitled to order two sets of free test kits week for Make sure they don’t have Covid without symptoms. The Testing is a crucial method For people to return to the office safely and has been used in schools with all students.

The problem with home test kits

Tests have been criticized for inaccuracy Millions of them were ordered at that time Missing, with no indication that it was used.

The £3 billion plan It was launched only three months ago, specifically in April. He declared it vital to get the country back to normal. Citizens are encouraged to take the test twice a week, Such as Shops, bars and restaurants reopen after closing.

Tests give the result within 30 minutes, but studies have shown it Can be 40% less accurate than PCR testsWhere samples are analyzed in the laboratory. In fact, people who test positive in a “lateral flow” test are required to undergo PCR to be sure, and the original result is often false.

Last month it was revealed More than 600,000,000 home test kits were missingAccording to the National Audit Bureau. This may be due to people testing and Did not score in the test and follow ooh what not used.

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The future of covid testing

It is expected that the tests will continue to be used in high risk environments Such as schools, hospitals and residences. People were asked to submit to the exams I eat every day An alternative to self-isolation measures, but it is unclear how this would work if the tests became widely unavailable.

The Ministry of Health He said The plan will run until the end of August “at least”. and that “More details about the provision of free LFD rapid tests will be released in due course.” Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Health and Social Assistance, Chris WormaldHe added, “Let’s be very clear on this point. What we do is Examining public health arguments for future use. ‘

It has also been reported that citizens may have to Pay for test kits In the future, although Dr. Harris denied this. In his speech yesterday before Public Accounts CommitteeS said: “We are looking at whether this is an effective and essential public health intervention for the future. No one talked about shipping«.

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