Covid-19: Sturgeon expresses hope for UK-wide agreement to relax COVID-19 rules at Christmas | Politics News

Nicola Sturgeon expressed hope that a UK-wide approach to easing COVID-19 restrictions would be agreed upon Christmas at a later Cobra meeting.

Cabinet Office Minister Michael Gove will chair the meeting with the delegated departments in ScotlandAnd the Wells And the northern Ireland From 4 pm.

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Scotland: Reasons for Cautious Optimism

Speak before conversations first Minister He told the Scottish Parliament: “I will participate in the Cobra meeting today where it is hoped that we will agree on a common framework, although some details, for example about the exact definition of family, may differ to reflect different circumstances in the whole nation.”

She added: “Any relaxation of restrictions will be temporary and will be limited and will be accompanied by advice on precautions that we must all take to reduce risks.”

Ms Sturgeon warned: “I know that everyone has a desire to see their loved ones during the holidays.

“However, there is also a very real and legitimate concern that doing so could endanger those we love, impede our progress as a country, and lead to unnecessary deaths and suffering.”

First Minister Mark Druckford told the Welsh Parliament that he was “extremely optimistic” that progress would be made at the meeting.

“Whatever extra freedom we can offer via birthday People should use this period responsibly. “

“The fact that relaxation is possible is not an instruction to go and spend that entire time doing risky things.”

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He said it was “imperative” that relaxing the rules “lead to an increase” in casualties.

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Pat: Normality is coming, but not until spring

Ministers are said to be working on plans for three families and a five-day break, from Christmas Eve until December 28, subject to agreement between the four nations of the United Kingdom.

“We were clear in our desire to try and agree on a four-nation approach that would allow families to meet during the Christmas period,” Boris JohnsonA spokesman said.

“We are continuing to work with delegated countries to agree on a plan to allow families to meet during Christmas.

“This work is in progress and there will be a meeting for Cobra at a later time to discuss it.”

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‘This virus will not grant a Christmas Truce’

Confronting questions of MPs On the selected health and social care, science and technology committees, Matt Hancock He said Christmas wouldn’t look like it normal.

Asked whether the focus on Christmas could be considered “unfair” for people who like to celebrate Eid and Diwali, the Minister of Health said: “I am very sensitive to this point, and we have already thought about it and participated and we have discussed it.

“Our conclusion, which I strongly agree with, is that Christmas as a national holiday is our biggest national holiday.

“Of course it has a special significance for Christians, but it is an important national holiday for everyone in this country.

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“So while, of course, we looked at the effect on the followers of other religions, Christmas is a special time for everyone in this country.”

If an agreement is reached, the prime minister is expected to outline how families can get together at Christmas later this week.

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“Don’t Tear Off the Pants”: Fan Tame’s Christmas Warning

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Speaking via video link at a Downing Street press conference on Monday, Johnson said Christmas will be “different” than it has been in previous years, declaring: “This season is going to be fun, but also the season we have to be very careful.”

“We want to make sure we have a Christmas solution that everyone can share, understand and respect across the UK,” he added.

In his speech to members of the House of Commons earlier that day, the prime minister said that families should make a “careful judgment” about visiting elderly relatives.

He said that Covid-19 “clearly will not grant a truce at Christmas” and warned that if “people blow it up with a big blow at Christmas,” the country will pay for it with tighter restrictions as 2021 approaches.

The prime minister was speaking as he was He confirmed that the second lockdown will end on December 2 In England, the enhanced class system will come into effect.

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