Covid-19 cases on the rise in Vietnam

According to the Department of Health, 99.55 percent of those infected became ill after the outbreak that occurred at the end of last April, exacerbated by the delta variant of SARS-CoV-2.

Of the cases so far, 1,666 have been detected in southern Ho Chi Minh City, since the beginning of the epicenter of the fourth wave of evil.

On Tuesday, the country also reported 125 deaths, bringing the total to 24,243. Just over 5,500 patients have a poor clinical picture.

Although the number of infections today is far from the record 17,409 reported on September 27, when the country was going through its worst moment in the face of the pandemic, it confirms the rising trend in November.

In an effort to revive the economy, the government at the end of October lifted the most stringent health regulations and reopened industries and businesses. Only the most traditional ones remain, such as the mandatory use of sanitary masks and the ban on mass gatherings.

The decision was based on the marked decrease in cases and progress in the vaccination campaign. Of the approximately 98 million people, about 44 million completed the immunization regimen and about 111 million received the first dose.

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